Work in progress

A visual poetry show for all audience with unique aesthetics suggesting visual landscapes that take the audience into a state of lightness and freedom.


I don’t want to tell a story, I want to talk about the ability we have to knock down our own barriers in order to move on and even go a step further. I want to express the desire to dance freely, to stir in order to speak, to move, to rescue, to grind all those dry ropes that oppress us, to gallop with arms and legs to the sound of a beautiful melody while we beat our bad thoughts. I want to share with the audients an instant of my time.


A challenge through visual poetry and movement, to reach the essence, what can not be understood rationally. Two actors on stage create visual landscapes suspended in an indefinite space, vulnerable and possible.


I invite you to feel with freedom, to get excited, not to understand, to reject and to get lost.



Anna Ros

How do we do it?


  • The reserch for unexpected beauty in the lightness of ordinary materials transforming them into something extraordinary.
  • 12 fans on the scene, in circle, in sight.
  • 2 actors with a fragmented corporality. A contemporary air to the action of the movement.
  • A puppet of real size. Legs and arms move freely out of the body axis. Half man, half puppet.


Artistic team


Original idea: Anna Ros
Artistic direction: Anna Ros
Creation and interpretation: Andreu Sans i Anna Ros
Scenic space: LaBú Teatre i Claudia Vilà
Costume design: Iztok Hgra
Puppets and objects: Martí Doy
Technical production: Joan Grané
Touring technician: Dídac Prat i Sergi Illa
Music and sound design: Marcel Fabregat i Joel Condal
Graphical design: Jordi Calvet
Photography: Jordi Calvet