Blank horizons

Blank horizons

We are learning to look towards the horizon without planning. One of the things that has always given us the courage, passion and strength to continue moving forward with our project is the capacity to plan and/or dream of what we want to achieve, planning for the near future and the long term. Striking the perfect balance between right now and three years’ time.

Now. We are now living in the here and now. Listening to our heartbeat and our breathing more than ever before. Reconnecting with ourselves, which we needed to do. Reconnecting with the most untamed part of life, family, our children. Accepting the things that we do not like about ourselves, our project, our sector and the tough, precarious conditions that artists work under in our country. Accepting life as it is and the cards it is dealing us right now.

Acceptance makes us feel free.

We planned to debut two creations in 2020 and only one has made it to the stage, so far. In these times of uncertainty, we are forced to question everything, lay all our weaknesses and strengths on the table and ask ourselves how best to continue with our project. We have to rethink everything right at a time with such incredible upheaval at all levels.

We believe that opening up new circuits would be one of the best ways to keep moving forward. Throughout the lockdown, we have been hard at it, devising and planning a street art performance. It has not been easy. Over the last two years, we have put everything into two creations and we feel exhausted, not only creatively but also in terms of production. But we are taking our time and the idea is gradually taking shape. We are going for it!

It also involves creating a new hybrid language, combining the physical and digital worlds, how we interact with our audience from this new viewpoint. We are researching, investigating and discovering! This nourishes us. We like finding new forms of connection and synergy with our audience!

We will soon be embarking on new journeys of Visual Poetry!